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Audioviz is a tool and framework for converting your audios into visualizer using Node.js and ffmpeg. Audioviz allows you to easily and programmatically create a video from your audio.

Inspired by audiogramAudioviz aims to be very extensible and feature rich with a it's options


  • Convert audio into videos with code! 🤓
  • Declarative API with fun defaults
  • Create colorful videos by setting backgrounds


  • Windows, MacOS or Linux
  • ffmpeg (and ffprobeinstalled and available in PATH
  • (Linux) may require some extra steps. See headless-gl.


npm i audioviz

JavaScript library

const Audioviz = require("audioviz");
const path = require("path");

var audioviz = new Audioviz({
  audio: path.join(__dirname, "audio.mp3"),
  output: "video.mp4",

(async () => {
  const output = await audioviz.render();


audioAudio input path (mp3, wav)
widthWidth which all media will be converted to1280
heightHeight which all media will be converted to720
outputoutput file name
waveColorColor for audio waves drawn on frames#d84a4a
backgroundColorBackGround color for video#fff
patternWave pattern to be drawnbars
waveTopTop alignment150
waveRightRight alignment1280
waveLeftLeft alignment0
waveBottomBottom alignment420


  • bar
  • curve
  • wave
  • roundBars
  • bricks
  • line
  • pixel
  • equalizer
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